Monday, October 14, 2013

Jumping through hoops

Since the initial appointments with the nurtitionist, psychologist, and surgeon, I've had to make many changes and jump through several hoops in order to qualify for the Roux n-y surgery.  I had to have 2 psychologist appointments before she would sign off on me.  I had to have weekly hour-long appointments in a group setting for binge eaters.  I also had to meet with a nutritionist for 3 months and lose a certain amount of weight before they would sign off on me.  Since I was practicing all their recommendations and was on the path of losing weight, they finally signed off.  The nutritionist was the last signature I needed before having my file submitted to my insurance company.

I had to wait about 2 weeks until I got the letter from my insurance company saying I was approved.  I was so happy!  After the letter, I had to wait several days for the Cleveland Clinic to receive the approval.  I got a call from my surgeon's nurse to set up my pre-surgery appointment as well as my surgery date.

It's  been a long road to get to this point, and the road to recovery after surgery is even longer, but it's worth it.  I am excited!

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