Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pre-Op appointments!

I have 6 appointments today in preparation for my surgery on Monday.  In my weigh-in this morning, I am 244.  I know it isn't a truly valid weight, since I know I have a lot of water weight due to my period.  It's still not a bad number, considering all my cheats lately.  It's the goal I was supposed to be at before my surgery.

My first appointment was scheduled with the doctor doing my surgery.  But before I met with him, I had to watch the pre-op video again, then met with his medical assistant.  Then I met with the Fellow who will be assisting with my surgery.  FINALLY, an hour late, I met with my surgeon.  He helped allay my fears with the surgery and risks involved. 

Next I met with a normal medical doctor.  The surgery requires that a medical doctor gives the patient a physical within 30 days of the surgery.  That was her role.  She took my basics, listened to my lungs, etc.  It was a quick visit.

I had an online survey I had to take, which pretty much re-asked all the same questions as the medical doctor.

Then I had to walk about a mile to another building to do a pre-interview with the anesthesiology department.  I spoke to the anesthesiology nurse in length about my issues related to anesthesia - vomiting and hives.  They are being very proactive about it and will be giving me anti-nausea meds even before my surgery, then during and after.  With having surgery on my stomach, it's important to not vomit after!

The last stop in the day was to get bloodwork.  I'm not sure what levels they were checking, but they took about 3 tubes of blood.  Then a second person had to come in and take a separate tube of blood just to confirm my blood type.  Overall it was a busy day!

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