Monday, October 14, 2013

final hurrah and liquid diet

Since this was my weekend with my kids, I decided it was going to be a party weekend.  One final hurrah before going on my all-liquid diet for who knows how long.  For the first time in months, I had real food for breakfast - an English muffin instead of a shake.  For lunch the kids and I made a homemade pizza.  For dinner I bought a 1/2 sheet pizza.  Yes, pizza twice in a day.  But wait, it gets better.  Sunday, we went to a movie and the boys and I had popcorn and candy.  We came home for lunch, and finished off the rest of the pizza.  The kids went to a friend's house around dinnertime and they had pizza once again for dinner.  I declined, because even I have limits.  After having pizza four meals in the weekend, the kids and I made cupcakes.  We each had 2.  Even though we all need to detox now, it was worth it.  It was a fun, carefree weekend and I have no regrets.  The kids and I have been on such a strict eating plan since we are all working with nutritionists.

Today it's back to the grind, food-wise.  At least for the kids - today begins my all-liquid diet which I have to  be on until my surgery date on October 28 (and beyond).  I am allowed to have 800 calories of protein shakes a day, and all the sugar free jello I can tolerate.  (I have a feeling I'll get sick of it pretty fast).  I add strawberries to my morning shake, but I have to have just soymilk & my protein powder for my other 2 shake meals since I don't have enough calories to add fruit.  After my binge-y weekend, I'm at 252.5.  I have to get down to 244 before my surgery date, but I'm not worried.  800 calories a day is nothing when you work full time, have to chase after the kiddos after work, and have a house to clean on top of it all.

Keep reading along if you want to know more about my journey.  I hope to be better at writing posts, including my weight loss, surgery, and meals.

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