Thursday, October 17, 2013

Liquid diet day 4 - TMI

Yesterday's rearrangement did the trick!  I made it through the day with only 1 cup of chicken broth mid-morning and one Jolly Rancher in the afternoon.  I didn't even remember to eat any jello!  I hope the rest of the time goes by this nicely. 
I have the bad habit of weighing myself daily.  This morning I'm down to 244.5.  The goal from the nutritionist was to be down to 244 before my surgery.  At this rate, I'll be down to 234!

There is an unfortunate side effect to a full liquid diet that I only mention in the spirit of full disclosure.  As of last night, I have...leakage.  From my butt.  My poop is soft and even though I wipe fully when I'm done, "stuff" leaks out as I go about my day.  It's quite unpleasant and disconcerting.  Yet another reason I am looking forward to going back to "normal" food!

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